Always know what to say... Introduce you & your business the right way 

Watch Kate Whip it & Work her 60 sec Elevator Pitch followed by a 'How to' tutorial for you all for £5.99! 

Yes, Help Me!

Why do you need a 60-sec Elevator Pitch?

  • Get rid of that 'sick' feeling at networking events
  • NEVER be stuck for something to say
  • Know with confidence, what makes you special
  • Show off your brand, who you are and what you do
  • Connect your product to the customers problem
  • Give the listener an insight into what it's like to work with you

About Kate Carney

Kate is an award-winning Marketing consultant & Entrepreneur - she has been helping small businesses, startups and side hustlers grow their business through nailing their marketing for over 14 years. 

Kate Carney Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur