Kick-Ass Content & Copywriting Course
with Kate Carney

Let me help you learn how to write copy for your business to compliment your marketing efforts and help you stand out & Sell.

Personal feedback, hands-on support and forever membership to the private group. All for £199. 

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"I've heard Kate speak on a number of occasions, she has a wonderful ability to engage her audience perfectly to get her message across. Kate knows her industry! She is beautifully honest and I have no reservations about giving her an absolute 5 star review." Stacey Knight -Jones - Startup Business Owner 

"I spent a chunk of time discussing with Kate about positioning my business, finding my target customers and key referral partners. I love that although she has no real connection to my industry she "get's it", she sees where I'm coming from and where I want to be going. It's been invaluable and given me a real focus for moving forward and launching my next phase." Michelle Shipman - Business Owner 

Make the impact you want!

What and how you write is a big part of your brand, the impression you give to your audience and how you make them feel.

Ever read something and thought “oh my life that’s me, they’re talking about me”... how do they do that?

How do they make you feel like that?

And how can you do it for your audience?

I’ll show you how.

Copywriting is a skill, being able to condense and communicate your message through something snappy, focused and full of your brand personality ain’t easy. 

But it can be learnt, practiced and honed so you make it your own and you know what to do!

I’ve spent 14 years in marketing & communications writing plans, email campaigns, adverts, flyers & leaflets, social media posts and more and I know that the best marketing in the world gets your business nowhere without words to help it bring it to life.

Find the rights words, have the confidence to use them!

Through a series of 12 "scoops" aka modules (which you can work on at your own pace) you'll learn how to write about your business, put it into practice, receive hands-on support about YOUR business and forever know how to say who you are, what you do and why across every platform, advert and beyond!

Each module is made up of:

  • A video tutorial from Kate
    Email with thought-provoking questions & activities
    Practice workbook including templates (web, bio's, introductions & more)
    On-hand personal support & message replies from Kate in the private Facebook group (so I don't just help you, we get it done together!)

Example modules are...

What is good “copy”? Including examples of where & when it works, and why

Using words and language to build relationships with your audience. 

Tone of voice - what it is and how to find & use yours

Words & Branding - power of a name, naming & branding bits 

Knowing what makes you special - and how to use it to support sales

Emotion & timing in messaging - where, when and how 

How to write about your own business including your website intro, Facebook About, LinkedIn bio.

Email marketing - how to do it, writing headlines, story telling, showing your impact 

Writing for clicks - how the text on your website helps engage and retain the audiences you want

Writing & using case studies

Conveying critical information - words & images together

Writing & creating Facebook adverts

**This is me with our 2 daughters Poppy and Annabelle and hubby Sam

Meet Kate Carney...

Kate is a Marketing Consultant with over 14 years experience working with SME's, Startups & side hustlers helping them to turn ideas and visions into businesses, strategies into plans and plans into action with ROI! 

Now, ask me, am I an author? No

Are you a journalist Kate? Nope

Are you a trained writer? Nah

But, I have written...

  • 100s of website texts
  • Endless leaflets & promo flyers
  • 1000s of emails across 100s of subjects
  • Adverts & Articles
  • Press Releases & Prize winner announcements
  • Business pitches & Blogs

Kate is also the Founder & Creator of an NHS mental health platform - she created the solution in 2016 and went on to maintain an ongoing contract with the NHS. (Kate also loves G&T, music, dancing, real fires and walks with the family and dogs! )

Who is the "Kick-Ass Content & Copy Course" for?

  •  Business owners with an existing product, package or service who want to stand out & sell
  • Owners who know who they are and their values but don't know how to write it and so end up not writing anything (is your social media feed a bit flat?)
  • Copy writers, course creators and content queens who need a freshen up and new perspective

Book a FREE call first...

How does the Kick-Ass Copy & Content Course work?

From the moment you join...

- You'll have access to a series of modules which will help you to understand the importance of kickass content for your website, social media, leaflets and more.

- You'll also have personal 121 guidance on how to create and construct messages, sentences and more that give you clarity and confidence to stand out and sell.

- As a member of this KickAss Copy & Content course you'll be part of a closed facebook group with 24/7 hands on support.

- You can pick and choose which modules you do and when and ask for help from Kate and her team at any time (however, we'll guide you through the suggested order so you make the most of the content)

Online Kick-Ass Copy & Content Course FAQs

1. How long does it last?
You recieve an email every week for 12 weeks - but you can see all of the content straight away and complete it in the order which works for you. The closed, private Kick-Ass Copy & Content Course Facebook Group will be available 24/7 for you to join discussions, ask for advice and guidance and support you. 

2. How do I pay? You can pay online via Stripe with credit or debit card.

3. Can I pay in instalments?
Not at this time, however you can pay via invoice. Simply email to do this.

4. Can I discuss the Course with Kate before I sign up?
Yes of course, you can book a free call

5. How much time will it take? To get the outputs, you need to be committed and focused. Me and my team of partners are there to help you and be on-hand to answer questions on Facebook but it's your business and we expect you to lean in and get involved. I'll be showing up every day, emailing you every day and working hard to keep you on track and hope you'll do the same!

6. If I do this Kick-Ass Copy & Content Course and want to join again, do I have to re-pay?
Nope! Once you've done the programme, you can re-do it as many times as you like.