Marketing MasterWhip Jan 2020

Marketing Strategy - Plan - Do Turning Strategic Marketing into Sales Exclusively for SME's & Startups  

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Next 5-week Online MasterWhip Begins: Monday 6th January 2020 

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Let's Launch Your New Product, Service or Offering... During this 5-week Marketing MasterWhip you will smash..

  • Who your Ideal Target Customer is & how to engage them
  • What makes you Different & Special
  • How to create & sell packages
  • Your 'Key Messages'
  • How to (happily) make more Sales
  • What's in your Marketing Plan
  • Which tools to use & how to use them!

... all for £300 (£250+ VAT* payment option available)  

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Let's Make Sales, Sales, Sales...

Over this 5-week Marketing MasterWhip programme you'll make fundamental decisions to shape the growth and direction of your business. 

Together we will turn your brand into a compelling story, establish and strengthen sales channels and create a marketing plan that we then put into actions. 

Whether you're a startup or have established sales channels, this 5-week Online Marketing MasterWhip programme will get you more sales, ensure you have a better understanding of your brand & messaging and help you know what to do to turn your side hustle into your 'work when I want to' profit-filled business.  

If you've done the Free 5-day Marketing Challenge this is the perfect development, if you haven't done the challenge, don't worry you'll still have great success on the MasterWhip.

What you can expect... 

  • Daily Lives in our Private MasterWhip Facebook Group 
  • Mini-Challenges
  • Daily 'on-track' emails
  • Free 15-min 121 calls with Kate available throughout the MasterWhip
  • Access to free calls with Kate's Partners for specialist advice - Social Media, Web & Design, SEO and Photography & Film. 
  • Lifetime membership - do the MasterWhip as many times as you like!
  • ...and to be challenged and for it to be hard work if you want success!! 

... all for £300 (£250+ VAT* payment option available)  

Let's do this...

About Kate Carney

Kate is a Marketing Consultant with over 14 years experience working with SME's, Startups & side hustlers helping them to turn ideas and visions into businesses, strategies into plans and plans into action with ROI! 

Who is the 5-week Online Marketing MasterWhip for?

Strategic Marketing is the fundamental things you need to do to grow your business, even before you design a logo, send a tweet, or write a website. 

Whether you've got an established business which is a few years old, or you're just venturing in to self-employment, this 5-week Online Marketing MasterWhip gives you the strongest start, the biggest chance of success and knowledge from an experienced Marketing Consultant, without the cost! 

  • Startup Businesses
  • Existing Businesses looking to launch something new!
  • Businesses wanting to reposition themselves
  • Side Hustlers needed the knowledge & confidence to 'go it alone' 
  • A business looking to make more sales!

"I've heard Kate speak on a number of occasions, she has a wonderful ability to engage her audience perfectly to get her message across. Kate knows her industry! She is beautifully honest and I have no reservations about giving her an absolute 5 star review." Stacey Knight -Jones - Startup Business Owner 

"I spent a chunk of time discussing with Kate about positioning my business, finding my target customers and key referral partners. I love that although she has no real connection to my industry she "get's it", she sees where I'm coming from and where I want to be going. It's been invaluable and given me a real focus for moving forward and launching my next phase." Michelle, Shipman - Business Owner 

Online Marketing MasterWhip FAQs

1. How long does it last? The programme starts on Monday 6th January and lasts for 5 weeks in our private Facebook group. We have our first LIVE at 09:30 on Monday 6th January 2020 where we set the tasks for the week. I'll do a LIVE every day throughout the MasterWhip to take Q&A and guide you through the activities.

2. How do I pay? You can pay online, or if you'd prefer you can pay via invoice as long as all the balance is paid before one day before the programme start date. Just email Kate if you'd prefer an invoice.

3. Can I pay in installments? Yes, you can pay in 2 blocks of £125+ VAT please email if you'd like this option.

4. Can I discuss the Online Marketing MasterWhip with Kate before I sign up? Yes of course, you can book a free call here.  

5. How much time will it take? To get the outputs, you need to be committed and focused. Me and my team of partners are there to help you and be on-hand to answer questions on Facebook but it's your business and we expect you to lean in and get involved. I'll be showing up every day, emailing you every day and working hard to keep you on track and hope you'll do the same! We have a Facebook Live every day, with a catch up planning session on a Friday, you'll be set challenges and 'homework' in between these times to keep you progressing. 

6. If I do this MasterWhip and want to join again, do I have to repay? Nope! Once you've done the programme, you can re-do it as many times as you like! 

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