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I know it can be tough going it alone, starting your own business and making decisions about everything from branding to website, products and social media to messaging and marketing... 

Having the right people around you to inspire you, excite you, motivate you, challenge you and inform you is critical if you want to grow! 

So I've put a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP together. It's me and my team, on hand, 24/7 to answer any questions you have. 

GET MY PLACE - SIGN UP NOW - £14.99 pcm

Inspiration, advice, guidance, challenge and motivation from Kate Carney & The Squad.

  • Private Facebook Group for business owners
  • 'Competition free' so you can get feedback and advice without worrying who will see it!!
  •  Q&A on anything in your business - have a Marketing Director at your side!
  • Monthly 'training' video included worth £5.99 from Kate
  •  No minimum duration / tie in
  • 121 personal feedback anytime - brand, website, marketing & more
  • Exclusively for small business & startups
  • £14.99 pcm 

Whether you're looking for feedback on your brand, copywriting consultation or sales strategy, we answer it all in the 'What Would Kate Do?' Group!

Meet Kate...

Hi, I'm Kate. I started my own Marketing Consultancy business over 10 years ago and since 2009 have gone on to create 2 more businesses, innovate and sell into the NHS, run projects for Colleges and large businesses across the UK as well as mentor 100s of small businesses and start ups. 

I've got a tight and trusted team of designers, social media, SEO, branding, print and web experts around me who help me deliver in my own business and for my clients. They'll be part of the Squad in the private "What Would Kate Do?" Facebook group and will be on hand to answer your questions, share their point of view and be that critical friend we all need to help grow our businesses! 

Our combined 30+years in marketing, design and branding means there isn't anything we haven't seen (or even done) so we know we'll be able to give you advice and guidance, and introduce you to people who can help, listen and keep you on track. 

See you in there! 

Love Kate